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Pelvic Pain? Try this at Home to Restore Normal Pelvic Motion

Are you experiencing pelvic pain? Your pelvis may be rotated due to the mechanics of daily living (i.e sitting to much)!  This leads to pain and discomfort in the pelvic bowl due to muscle spasm in muscles such as the Psoas/iliacus and quadratus lumborum. Dr. Wil demonstrates a technique you can do at home as...


Chiropractors Treat You, Not Your Symptoms! Possible Side Effects Include…Better Health, Less Symptoms!

How do chiropractors view their patients differently?  When a patient walks in our door, we evaluate that patient as a whole person.  Contrary to other specialties, we will ask you about your entire body, including what you eat, if you exercise, any medications you may take, your daily habits, work environment, and all of your...


Do You Judge How Healthy You Are By How You Feel? Find Out Why This May Be A Dangerous Way Of Thinking!

Did you know your nervous system controls everything? Your key to health begins with a healthy and proper functioning nervous system! Do Not Judge How Healthy You Are By How You Feel? If you judge or determine how healthy you are based on how you feel, you may be entering dangerous territory. Your body is...