Top 10 Natural Ways To Cure Psoriasis

If  you suffer from psoriasis, than you are probably like myself and my daughter, always looking for another way to treat this miserable disease.  The fact is that the medical community does not really have much to offer in the way of treatment.  You can only use topical cortisone treatment for a period of time, and taking an immuno-suppressant drug is not very desirable.  So why have they not found a better treatment option when so many suffer with this disease?

My daughter and I choose to follow a natural treatment course versus the alternative.  When you look online for natural treatments for psoriasis, you are bombarded with choices.  Where should you start?

Psoriasis Natural Treatment

Yes it is important to find natural treatment for psoriasis symptoms, but I am more interested in curing or stopping the disease process of psoriasis.  Being a chiropractor, I know the amazing potential of the human body.  Our bodies want to heal and our bodies want to be healthy!  What a concept?  Do you think we were created to be sick?  Interesting question to ponder.  The answer is no!  We are sick because of what we are exposed to and what we do to our bodies.

So is psoriasis cureable?  Yes I think it is.  Psoriasis “runs” in my family.  There is a genetic component that we must consider.  But there are also so many other causes/contributors to the development of psoriasis.  You are bombarded with chemicals 24 hours a day.  You are not even free from these chemicals in your home.  And it is impossible to protect your exposure to these chemicals 100%.  But there is so many things in your life that you can choose to control.

Top 10 Natural Ways To Cure Psoriasis

There are so many great and effective natural treatments.  You will find that some work for you while others do not.  That is why there are so many.  Everyone is different and responds differently.  Therefore I thought I would hit the top 10 that I have found to be effective.

  1. First and foremost, you need to boost your immune system.  It’s purpose is to function at peak levels.  How can you do this?  Well it requires many things, but basically, eat right, get quality sleep, reduce stress, exercise regularly, and nurture your mental state.  These are all things you already know and hear often.  Very Important!
  2. Get Vitamin D!  There is so much evidence to support the importance of this. On Natural, you will find countless articles as to the benefits of vitamin D.  10 minutes a day of sun exposure without sunscreen should be a minimum.  Doctors are finding that the majority of  us are deficient in vitamin D.  And this is not just important for your skin but for overall health.  In the journal Science Translational Medicine, it is shown that vitamin D helps counteract the body’s response to inflammation associated with the red, scaly patches of psoriasis.
  3. Take a probiotic! Again, this is another essential for immune health.  But it also fights candida albicans (yeast), a known contributor/cause of psoriasis.
  4. Omega 3 fatty acids! This alone may heal your psoriasis.  In order to get enough of omega 3 oils without supplementation, you have to eat wild salmon and flax.  These are not popular food items for a lot of people, especially kids.  I recommend a high quality Omega 3 supplement.
  5. Bovine Colostrum!  I wrote an entire article on this one on this blog. Check it out for more detail.  This has been the magic bullet for my daughter. We utilize several natural treatments, but this is having the most effect. This is a supplement you can find here.  It will boost your immune system and cleanse out your excess candida albicans.  Amazing!
  6. Essential Oils: Two extremely beneficial and healing oils are tea tree oil and lavender.  You will want to choose a 100% pure oil.  You can add to your bath or apply with a oil medium such as coconut oil.  If you are allergic to coconut, than use another oil to apply.  These ones are healing!
  7. Dead Sea Salt Bath. This is great for exfoliating the plaques caused by psoriasis without scrubbing or damaging your skin further.  It also helps with the symptom of itching.  I like to add a few drops of tea tree oil in as well.
  8. Aloe Vera Gel:  We have an aloe vera plant growing in the house and apply as needed to the skin.  Aloe vera is soothing and healing to the skin.  This is also great for burns.
  9. Renew Body Wash and Lotion: Many with psoriasis are also very sensitive to skin products.  I have tried many and these products made by Melaleuca are great.  They also have the scientific research to back their claims.
  10. Filtered Shower/Bath Water: Water has chlorine in it, and chlorine is drying to the skin and toxic to the body.  A high quality filter will filter more than 90% of the chlorine out.  This aids your immune system and helps retain essential moisture in your skin. Two great sites to get your shower filter are Aquasana or Crystal Quest.

There you go.  That is the top 10 natural treatments that my daughter and I use and are successful with.  I wish you the best on your quest to curing your psoriasis symptoms.

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