Easy Psoas Stretch

Easy Psoas Stretch

Dysfunction of the Psoas Muscle often causes low back and hip pain that just won’t go away no matter what you try. Over the years of seeing patients in our office, we have found that many do not know how to stretch the Psoas muscle. Additionally, if one of the Psoas muscles are not firing correctly or is inhibited, they do not know how to wake that muscle up to do it’s job.

In this video, Dr. Wil demonstrates one easy Psoas stretch you can integrate into your stretching routine immediately. With regular and consistent stretching of tight muscles, you will find increased movement and decreased pain. Movement is vital to our health, and most of us are in a job where we have to sit all day. Then we go home and sit on the couch. Finally we go to bed. Most of us fail to move our bodies with intent on a daily basis and the majority do not integrate stretching into their daily routine. This results in our muscles “turning off” and becoming overly tight and shortened. Stretching and daily movement is vital to a healthy lifestyle.

If you suffer from chronic low back pain or hip pain, we highly recommend you make movement and stretching a habit. The stretch demonstrated in this video will help to get you started. One easy Psoas stretch to reduce low back pain and help you to move well and live well.

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Drs. Wil & Kirsten Liwanag
Grand Junction Chiropractor