Headaches You Get After A Car Accident

Are your suffering from frequent headaches following a car accident? If you are, this is a very common complaint following an accident especially with a whiplash injury.

Did you know that injury and whiplash occurs even in minor car accidents? Just because your car was not damaged does not mean that you were not. X-rays following minor accidents have shown ligamentous instability in the neck supporting a whiplash injury occurred.

What Is A Tension Headache?

Tension headaches may be caused by many things. A tension headache is defined as a headache caused by tension or tightness in the head, face, and neck. Tension headache is a widely used term for headaches and may include a headache after whiplash, but this also could be called a trauma headache.

What Is A Trauma Headache?

A trauma headache is a headache that occurs after an injury to the head, neck, or spine, and may occur immediately to months, even years, after the accident. “Trauma headaches may be localized or generalized, throbbing or dull, with or without an aching neck, shoulder, and/or back.” (Definitive Guide to Headaches, Robert Milne, M.D.) These headaches can be short and often, or continuous all day.

You may also experience a migraine following a car accident as well.

Chiropractic Treats Headaches

Both tension and trauma headaches are successfully treated by chiropractic care. When you see a chiropractor for a headache, they will collect a history, perform an exam and appropriate tests, evaluate your spine, and determine the cause of your headache. You may need an x-ray especially if you have been in an accident and the chiropractor is the first physician you are seeing.

X-ray will rule out serious injury including a fracture, and support your need for care by showing evidence of injury.

Until the cause of your headache is found and treated properly, you will continue to suffer from headaches. Again, they might not occur everyday, but any headache at all is abnormal. You are not supposed to have regular headaches. There is no such thing. A headache is a symptom indicating that something is wrong. So do not let another headache just happen to you.

If you were in a car accident and you have headaches, neck stiffness and/or pain, shoulder pain, or back stiffness and/or pain, call and see your local chiropractor today! Do not wait, because injury sets in motion degeneration in the spine leading to irreversible damage. Chiropractors are your best choice for care following a motor vehicle accident.

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