Do You Judge How Healthy You Are By How You Feel? Find Out Why This May Be A Dangerous Way Of Thinking!

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Did you know your nervous system controls everything? Your key to health begins with a healthy and proper functioning nervous system!

Do Not Judge How Healthy You Are By How You Feel?

If you judge or determine how healthy you are based on how you feel, you may be entering dangerous territory. Your body is designed to be adaptive, meaning that by the time you experience symptoms, the health problem, injury, illness, or disease may be well advanced.

Just like dominoes fall in a chain reaction, problems in your body that are left uncorrected can lead to a chain reaction of events causing disease. If one or more of your nerves in the spine are scraped, rubbed, or pinched, than the messages that nerve is supposed to send may no longer be clear.

A good example of this is demonstrated by a garden hose. If water is running through a hose, and you step on one part of the hose, the water flow changes. In your body, the hose is your nerve, and the water flow is the messages sent to the parts of your body that nerve supplies. An example of this in the body could be symptoms of indigestion or heartburn. Chiropractors will look to the spine because nerves that exit the spine from your mid-back, or vertebra levels T5-T7, send messages to your stomach. If one of these nerves is being affected due to spinal misalignment and tightened muscles, than the message being sent to the stomach may be garbled, and the stomach can respond with symptoms of indigestion and heartburn. Do you see the connection?

Your daily life and activities can cause the bones in your spine to lose their normal motion or position, and this is what chiropractors call a subluxation. This can cause a chain reaction affecting the bones in your spine, nerves, muscles, and connective soft tissues. If the subluxation is not corrected and is allowed to persist, the end result can be degenerative changes in your body causing disease.

Chiropractic seeks to find the cause of your problems and to correct your vertebral subluxations that may be interfering with your nervous system. Chiropractors perform a chiropractic adjustment which allows for proper motion helping the bones and surrounding tissues to return to their proper position and thus relieving your symptoms.

Recovery Takes Time

You want to be better now, and we understand that. The important thing to remember is that these things take time. Just like braces for your teeth, correcting and retraining bones to maintain their proper position takes time. Therefore, you should expect that in the beginning, the need for chiropractic visits will be more frequent. Your plan of care will be dependent on your age, your condition, and lifestyle. In order to reduce your symptoms and correct your problem, repeated visits over weeks or months may be required. Your body will need complete healing, so I would encourage you to supplement your care with dietary changes, exercise, appropriate supplements, stress reducing activities, and consistent rest at night. Your body has inborn healing ability and just requires the tools to release this power and attain better health.