Two Essential Oils You Must Have For Your Baby

If you have a little one, than you know that babies experience many trials their first year.

We have a 9 month old, and let me tell you, he seems to be more sensitive to teething, sleep disturbances, and skin irritants than I remember my older two being at this age.  Maybe I have just forgotten, as it has been 6 years since I had one this age.  Lavender and tea tree essential oils have been a salvation for my sanity in my house with this one.

Two Essential Oils You Must Have For Your Baby

I started out different with this one to begin with.  First of all I decided to use cloth diapers and wipes with my third baby. My children share the genetic trait of my sensitive skin.  I cannot tell you why I did not discover and use cloth diapers sooner.  They are so much better for your babies skin than disposable diapers, not to mention the money you will save, and they are better for our environment.  Now I will admit, we still use a disposable at night.  Ten to twelve hours is too long for a cloth diaper.  Your baby wakes up wet all over.

Cloth wipes are also a new experience.  My goal was to start my baby with less exposure to chemicals and to save money.  Three kids gets expensive anyway.  When you use cloth wipes, you mix your own cleansing liquid formula to pour over the wipes to moisten them, or in a spray bottle to use each time.  Filtered water, natural baby cleanser, and lavender essential oil are a great blend for natural wipes.

I have noticed that our baby has much less incidence of diaper rash than our other two experienced.  Diaper rash typically occurs because of prolonged exposure to wetness or different pH in the babies urine and feces.  Lavender oil does wonders on diaper rash.

I do not know what I ever did without Lavender essential oil and Tea Tree oil before now.  Lavender essential oil is so versatile and works for so many things. I have used it for teething pain, sleeping difficulty, irritability, restlessness, and diaper rash for our baby.  The other night, Michael was really struggling with his top teeth coming in and he was so irritable.  He was up in the middle of the night and would not stop crying.  I applied one drop of lavender oil to the bottom of each of his feet and massaged into his skin, and I used the remainder on my finger and rubbed on his top gums.  Within one minute he was a different baby.  He did not go right back to sleep, but he calmed down and played, he was less irritable, and his teething pain seemed to subside.  Literally he transformed into a serene baby within a minute.  When he did fall back asleep, he also slept more soundly and was less restless.  That means mom got more rest!

Tea tree oil has been my other go to with this baby. With his teething, he has experienced a runny nose that than causes congestion and sometimes a cough at night.  My baby is super sensitive to anything in his nose and if he coughs at night than he is up.  It wakes him up every time.  This has been hourly during the night and even every 15 minutes.  What did I do?  I massaged one drop of tea tree oil into his skin on the bottom of each foot and placed several drops of tea tree oil into his cool water humidifier.  Results?  He slept 4 hours straight without coughing.  This was a miracle for me.  You have to understand that my baby is not a great sleeper.  At nine months old he still does not sleep through the night.  Most night I am up with him twice and sometimes three times.  But with teething and colds, we are up every hour.  Tea tree oil stopped this for him.

Do Not Buy Cheap Essential Oils

Now I know that every baby is not like mine.  However, these two essential oils, lavender and tea tree oil, will just about cover everything you need to naturally treat your baby.  Either lavender oil or tea tree oil can also be used for ear infections, colds, flu, and skin issues including cradle cap and dry skin.  They are great in the bath, diffused, or applied topically.  Their uses for your baby, children, and yourself are endless.

However, I cannot stress enough to be careful on which essential oils you buy.  Cheap usually means that the quality is not pure, and there my be other ingredients that could be harmful within those oils.  Please do your research and be willing to spend a little more.  You will be happy that you did.  And you use so little, one to two drops of essential oil, that a bottle will last you awhile.

Personally we use Melaleuca to purchase our tea tree oil, and DoTerra for our other essential oil uses.  If you have read my previous posts than you know we use essential oils for my daughter’s psoriasis as well.  It is important to me that I know the oils I am using are pure and of a high quality grade. Essential oils are amazing and have been used for centuries for health.  Discover their benefits for you and your families health as well.

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