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Grand Junction Chiropractor Shares Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Ear infections are the most common complaint we hear about when it comes to treating our pediatric patients.  But children are not the only ones who suffer from ear infections and ear pain, and there are many natural ear infection remedies that are available to you. How can you prevent, treat, and stop ear infections […]

What Natural Home Remedy Healed My Pink Eye?

I always love when I find a new home remedy that works so well! Now this one may sound a little weird and is not available to everyone, but it worked great.  Therefore I had to write a quick post.  The story is that I developed pink eye after treating all three of  my children’s […]

Two Essential Oils You Must Have For Your Baby

If you have a little one, than you know that babies experience many trials their first year. We have a 9 month old, and let me tell you, he seems to be more sensitive to teething, sleep disturbances, and skin irritants than I remember my older two being at this age.  Maybe I have just […]

Natural Alternatives To Energy Drinks

I was reading an article today on regarding another reason that we should all stay away from energy drinks. The article is titled Sports and Energy Drinks Cause Irreversible Damage To Tooth Enamel and refers to a recent study published in General Dentistry that “found that an alarming increase in the consumption of sports […]