Do You Have A Healthy Spine? Answer The Following Questions To Find Out!

How do you know if your spine is healthy? Your spine is your vital connection to the rest of your body. All your internal organs receive a nerve supply from your spine. Therefore, don’t you think that it important to make sure you have a healthy spine? Is Your Spine Healthy? There are some easy […]

Headaches You Get After A Car Accident

Are your suffering from frequent headaches following a car accident? If you are, this is a very common complaint following an accident especially with a whiplash injury. Did you know that injury and whiplash occurs even in minor car accidents? Just because your car was not damaged does not mean that you were not. X-rays […]

5 Ways To Eliminate Headaches Naturally

Did you know there are more than 45 million people in the United States that suffer with headaches? That works out to 1 in 6 people! Did you know that of that 45 million, 75% remain undiagnosed for their headaches? And that depression is 3 times more likely to occur for those of you that […]