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Grand Junction Chiropractor Shares Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Ear infections are the most common complaint we hear about when it comes to treating our pediatric patients.  But children are not the only ones who suffer from ear infections and ear pain, and there are many natural ear infection remedies that are available to you. How can you prevent, treat, and stop ear infections...


Dangers of Skin Products! Find Out What Cancer-Causing Contaminants May Be Inside Your Favorite Lotion!

I love a great smelling lotion that I can slather on my skin as much as the next girl!  But beware-your skin is your biggest organ and you may be slathering on Cancer-causing contaminants. You May Pay A Hefty Price For Beauty Women and Men are bombarded with advertising that offers beauty in a bottle....


Chiropractors Treat You, Not Your Symptoms! Possible Side Effects Include…Better Health, Less Symptoms!

How do chiropractors view their patients differently?  When a patient walks in our door, we evaluate that patient as a whole person.  Contrary to other specialties, we will ask you about your entire body, including what you eat, if you exercise, any medications you may take, your daily habits, work environment, and all of your...