Grand Junction Headache Relief Specialists

Are you a frequent headache sufferer?  Is a weekly headache normal for you?  We are here to let you know that daily, weekly, and even monthly headaches are not normal.  They are a sign that something else is going on in your body, a cause that when addressed may be able to be corrected and stopped.

I have lived with daily headaches and I am here to tell you that they can be stopped and you to can become headache-free!

We provide tips for those who experience frequent headaches! Watch our video to see our 5 top tips for treating headaches that are natural and safe.

Our names are Wil and Kirsten Liwanag, D.C., and we are your Grand Junction Headache Relief Specialists!

Call us today for a complimentary consultation and let’s work together to stop your pain.

Call (970) 241-6366 or schedule your appointment online today!

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