How Often Should I Lift Weights? Important Tips Included!

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How often should I lift weights? This is a very common health question and one we get almost daily.

In all honesty, everyone should exercise using both cardio training and weightlifting.  The frequency is highly dependent on your fitness level.

Each offers benefits to support your overall health.  One is not necessarily better than the other, they are just different, and together they offer your best overall outcomes.

How Often Should I Lift Weights?

In this video, I discuss the questions “Should I lift weights” and “How often should I lift weights?” Watch to learn the answers to these questions and more.

So Should I Lift Weights? Yes. How Often? That Depends!

The answer to the question “Should I lift weights?” is yes!  Everyone benefits from weight lifting to different degrees for different reasons.

A general guide based on your level of fitness would be:

  • For poor shape/haven’t exercised at all in a long time: start with one time a week for the first month, and then build up your frequency working towards 3-4 times a week over the next 3-4 months.  Taking it gradually will help ensure you don’t get injured, or to sore.  You will still see changes and be motivated to continue.
  • For average/good shape: three times weekly is a good rule of thumb.
  • For Elite athletes (you know who you are): three or more times a week; this will be based on your individual fitness goals.

Remember that heavier is not always better.  The most important factor to focus on is technique and posture first.  You can always start with a lighter weight and good form vs. the alternative, a weight that is to heavy, poor form, and INJURY!

Always check with a physician prior to beginning a new exercise program, or if you have health concerns to ensure the exercise program you are planning is safe for you.  Gyms also have certified personal trainers to provide guidance and education as well.

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