Are You Looking For A Flu Buster? Find One Here

Are you looking for a way to defeat the flu?  Prevention is best, however that is not always possible.  One plus, by getting the flu you continue to build natural immunity, which is a good thing for you in the future.  Natural immunity is much more efficient and stronger at fighting viruses when you are exposed again the next time.

So you have the flu.  How would you like to shorten the duration of time you are sick by half?  If you said yes, than there is a natural supplement you may be interested in trying.  What is this natural supplement? Elderberry!  Elderberry has the ability to provide relief and shorten the duration of your flu symptoms by half.

What is Elderberry? Where can you find it?

There are two elderberry plants that have been used as medicine.  The most used plant for colds and flu is European elderberry, also known as Sambucus nigra (black elderberry).  This plant grows in Northern Africa, parts of Asia, and in Europe.  This plant is packed with antioxidants and may fight bacteria.  But the fact that this plant also has the ability to overcome viruses, such as the flu and colds, makes it a super powerhouse natural remedy.

How does elderberry work?

Elderberry has been found to work in two ways:

1. blocks the ability of various flu viruses to invade and infect cells stopping the irus from replicating

2. fights the virus in the infected cells by activating an immune response

Research shows there has been two human trials of elderberry tested against placebo, and both were favorable.  Two studies; one published in The Journal of International Medical Research and the other in Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed “pronounced improvement” in symptoms after an average of three days versus seven days with placebo.  Additionally, there were no side effects reported.

How much elderberry should you take?

I recommend you follow the directions on the bottle you purchase from your local natural health foods store.  In the study, the participants took 3 teaspoons of elderberry syrup, four times daily with meals.  Elderberry is available in a syrup, pills, tincture, or lozenges, and should be taken when you first notice symptoms, or within 48 hours of symptoms beginning.  I also found a syrup specifically formulated for children.  So this is a natural remedy for the entire family.  Elderberry also provides respiratory support, and is beneficial for scratchy, dry irritated throats and coughs associated with your dry throat.  Fight back against winter colds and flu starting today!

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