A Psoriasis Sufferer Crowned Beauty Queen!

Once a psoriasis sufferer, now a beauty queen!  Well not quite, but this is a success story regarding a little girl whose body was almost completely covered with psoriasis and less than two years later she was crowned Supreme Overall in her local Pretty in Pink Pageant in Grand Junction, CO.  This pageant does not judge based on beauty, but rather on self confidence and poise.

Kayla’s psoriasis on her forehead.

Suffering From Psoriasis

Our daughter Kayla, now 8 years old, broke out with psoriasis when she was only 5 years old.  I have told her story many times, and I have shared her path to wellness and recovery from a sad, embarrassed little girl with a very low self-image to a now self-confident and poised little girl who scored the highest at her pageant this past Sunday.

Kayla’s path over the last two years has not been an easy one.  There has been pain, tears, bleeding, ever growing psoriasis lesions, loss of friends, gaining of new friends, staring, questioning, doubt, and insecurity.  Less than two years ago this little girl refused to wear anything that was not long sleeved and long pants or tights, so as to cover as much of her skin as possible.  Even for her dance performance we had to modify her costume to limit the amount of her skin exposure in order for her to agree to perform.  She was afraid of being asked questions and did not want others to stare at her.

Kayla's psoriasis on her back
Kayla’s psoriasis on her back. She had similar lesions on her arms, chest, legs, and forehead at the time of this picture.     

Psoriasis Can Be Cured!

We made the decision as parents to not go down the medical path of treatment which included immuno-suppressant medications and high dose topical cortisone cream.  We wanted to treat her as naturally as possible.  Psoriasis is a type of autoimmune disease, but instead of suppressing the immune system with medications (the traditional medical route), we wanted to boost her immune system (the opposite of the medical model).  Why?  Our train of thought is not to treat the symptoms but the cause of disease as educated doctors of chiropractic.  With autoimmune diseases, the immune system is mistaking some part of the body as not belonging or foreign, and it attacks those cells.  In the case of psoriasis, the body attacks the skin cells.  Additionally, the body wants to repair the damage and inflammation, so it begins to lay down additional skin cells at a rapid rate.  This creates the raised lesion seen with one type of psoriasis; the redness of the lesion is from the inflammation.  We wanted Kayla’s body to stop attacking her skin, but we also wanted her immune system to recognize her own cells.  You may read about some of the methods we used for Kayla in other articles on this blog.

Fast forward eighteen months….

Kayla crowned Supreme Overall in her pageant!
Kayla crowned Supreme Overall in her pageant!

This mama was so proud!  I was unable to keep the tears from filling my eyes when I realized what was happening.  Words cannot possibly describe this moment accurately.  Kayla presented herself during this pageant with poise and a self confidence that I would never have dreamed possible just two years ago.  Yes she is older now, but her recovery, her overall health, and her pride in her appearance made this day possible.  Her skin is clear and she literally shined on this day!  Her success with getting healthy and beating this disease was achieved because she believed in her mom, and she was a willing participant in all the natural supplements and care that I literally threw at her.  There were days when she absolutely did not want to take her supplements or receive a chiropractic adjustment, but I asked her to trust me, and we focused on the outcome–clear and psoriasis-free skin!

Therefore, this little girl of mine who suffered from psoriasis was crowned beauty queen on Sunday!  She is living proof that you can absolutely beat psoriasis utilizing natural health methods without prescriptions, and go on to live your life and achieve your dreams.

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