3 Psoriasis Pictures Utilizing Natural Treatment

I am happy to share some pictures showing our daughter Kayla’s progress with her psoriasis.  We have been treating her psoriasis with natural treatments, many that I have written about on this blog in other articles.

Psoriasis Pictures Over 3 Months

Kayla’s body has been healing with natural treatments.  We have a protocol we follow each day with her to improve her psoriasis.  The pictures above are of her forehead which is only one of the major areas she has psoriasis lesions.  You will see that as psoriasis heals, it heals from the inside of the lesion and outward.  The pigment of the skin as the lesion heals is white, and this area of healing skin will not “tan” or change from white pigment until the following year.  However the progression from the 1st picture with apparent inflammation (red lesions) to the 3rd picture with no inflammation shows how healing occurs. During this 3 month period of pictures, we have really focused on cleansing candida albicans from our daughters body with colostrum supplements.  Colostrum boosts her immune system and at the same time gently and naturally cleanses candida from her body.

Natural Psoriasis Cures

There are many natural treatment options for skin conditions including psoriasis.  Daily, Kayla takes a multivitamin, probiotics, omega oils, and colostrum supplements.  In addition to that, we utilize dead sea salt baths, tea tree oil, renew body lotion and body wash, and an internal herbal blend geared towards clearing skin.  We also run a humidifier and use only natural products to clean in our household.

We will continue to provide psoriasis and skin healing resources as well as updates and pictures on our daughter’s progress towards curing her psoriasis.

Visit our wellness resources page above and visit our other articles on treating psoriasis naturally for more in depth information and products we recommend for psoriasis.

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