Filter Shower Water For Better Health And For Psoriasis Relief

Last week I wrote regarding Kayla and her allergic reaction to coconut oil, an ingredient in her probiotic. We discontinued her probiotic and started one that did not contain coconut oil. I am happy to say that within 24 hours her rash stopped spreading. Within 48 hours, her rash was no longer bright red and had faded. Now it is a skin color and the skin is peeling. She has new clear skin emerging under the peeling. This all occurred in less than a week. Coconut oil is the definite culprit for her. While she was in her dead sea salt and tea tree oil bath yesterday, I also noticed within her psoriasis lesions that there are patches of healing normal appearing skin. We are seeing definite improvements.

Why We Installed Shower Filters?
Another change we made in our household to improve our family’s health, as well as for Kayla’s psoriasis, was to install shower water filters in both bathrooms. You may be asking why we would want to install shower filters? Well believe it or not, a shower water filter is more important than a drinking water filter. Why? Because the steam from a shower contains up to 20 times the level of chlorine and other synthetic chemicals than tap water.

The American Journal of Public Health linked chlorine to “significant increases in certain types of cancer, asthma and skin irritations” and determined that “up to two-thirds of the harmful exposure was due to skin absorption and inhalation of chlorine in shower water.”

Researchers at Rutgers University found that during a 10-minute shower, we take in the same levels of chloroform (a toxic byproduct of chlorine) as we get from drinking 2 liters of tap water.

We are exposed to so many daily chemicals that are out of our control. However, we are able to make changes in our household for a small investment that has huge results on our overall health.

After my first shower using the shower filter, I noticed immediately that my skin felt softer and did not have that tight, dry feeling. My hair also felt softer and was shinier. That night I also noticed that Kayla slept more soundly because she was itching less. Her skin felt smoother and softer as well. These benefits alone were worth the price of two shower filters.

Cost of a Shower Water Filter
After doing research online and in local stores, I found a couple shower filters Aquasana has a handheld shower water filter for one of the lowest initial costs of around $62.97. The handheld feature is a nice feature. Also Crystal Quest has a handheld shower filter for $54.95. Our shower filters have to change the filter component about every 6 months. (See end of article for links to these sites.) Aquasana has been shown to filter out 90% of all chlorine, VOCs, and THMS, while reducing more than 70% of copper and lead. They also provide a 60 day guarantee.

Buying a shower filter is beneficial for those suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis, but also for everyone in your family as a step towards achieving better overall health.

Visit Aquasana or Crystal Quest today and enjoy a healthier shower!

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