Breathe Easier With This Essential Oil!

DoTerra Breathe Essential Oil Blend

Are you looking for an natural essential oil blend to replace Vicks Vapor Rub for cold relief, a chronic cough, or asthma symptoms?

We have successfully used Breathe essential oil blend in our household for over a year.  This oil can be used several different ways:

-diffuse in a diffuser for aromatic properties and improved breathing while sleeping

-apply topically with one drop of this oil mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, apricot oil, etc.

-apply one drop to the bottom of each foot for improved breathing, reduced cough, and toxin removal

During a time of year when colds and flu seems to be a common occurrence, this oil blend is invaluable to have around the house when needed.  Persons suffering with bronchitis and asthma symptoms have also found relief with this oil for improved respiratory function and reduced cough.

This oil blend also provides a restful sleeping environment for a more restful night for the whole family.